Pay parking structures with no validation or exemption provided by the jail

Audit found that disabled inmates weren’t given equal access or were held in cells for large stretches of the day. LGBTQ inmates were also restricted and placed in high security units because of their sexuality. The closed disciplinary isolation cells at Orange’s Theo Lacy prison had no natural light and were often obscured by a door window. These cells were now sealed.

The department has now created a new unit, where inmates will be allowed to leave their cells for at least two hours each day. According to the plan, LGBTQ inmates will be kept in the most safe and restrictive settings possible. Transgender or intersex inmates (those born with a sexual structure that doesn’t match with male or woman) would be housed according the their preference, unless there are security concerns or specific management.

Inmates will also receive at most 24 hours a week in orange county jail inmate search their cells. The department will have to maintain its day rooms and exercise areas open all day. Housing units won’t be locked down anymore as a general rule. Another concession was that disabled inmates were no longer exempted from the jail’s Community Work Program. This allows people to work in their community and stay at home.

Disability Rights California said that the elimination of this discriminatory exclusion on the basis of disability would increase the availability and use of safer and more productive alternatives to incarceration. We are aware that things happen that are not your fault, that even good people sometimes make mistakes, and that these mistakes can be very costly. You are going through a difficult and stressful time. We want to make life easier for you. It is our sincere hope that Orange County Jail will alleviate some of the confusion around what to do and what to expect.

Remember that jail does not equal prison. Depending upon your outlook, jail may be a positive experience. Former inmates often view their time behind bars as a “wake-up call” and make positive changes in their lives after being released. You can be strong, keep your eyes on the prize, and work hard to get through this experience.

We invite you to browse through our site to get an idea of the expectations at Orange County jail. Even though everyone’s experience with jail is different, there is still a learning curve as you transition from freedom to imprisonment. To ease your transition, we recommend that you acquire as much knowledge as you can. The best way to get ahead of the curve is to bring information about Orange County’s jail system.

It will save you a lot of confusion and help you understand the basics. You can focus more on the positive aspects of your sentence and get life back on track by clearing out mental roadblocks.

This report shows that Orange County Jails offer a high amount of processed foods, carbohydrates and fats. This diet, coupled with limited opportunities for physical activity and exercise, can lead people in prison to gain weight and increase their risk of developing heart disease or stroke. The report also raises concerns about food safety in relation to the provision of spoiled products. Foodborne illness can be caused by eating spoiled foods.

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