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All inmates will have the right to receive magazines, newspapers, or other publications. However, they must order the printed material directly from the publisher, bookstore, or book club. All books, including Bibles, must have soft cover. Inmates are not allowed to receive soft-covered magazines or paperback books from any other source. A maximum of four (4) books or publications can be stored in each cell. An inmate will need to hand over his old papers in order to receive a new daily newspaper. In order to check for contraband, the delivery of any newspaper or magazine, book or other type may be delayed for no more than 72 hours. Delivery of any magazine, book or other publication could be refused if an inmate has reason to believe Riverside County Sheriff that possession or delivery to that item would allow for contraband entry to the St. Clair County Jail.

In all cases, the delivery refusal shall be made in writing to the inmate who the item is addressed. The inmate can request a hearing to discuss the issue. A hearing on the decision may be requested in the same manner described in the disciplinary procedures for minor rule violations. All subscriptions will be cancelled by the inmate upon release or transfer. The St. Clair County Sheriff Department cannot be held responsible for publications received after an inmate is released. There are several hundred books that can be read in the St. Clair County Jail. All reading material should be returned in the same state as it was found and must be kept in a good condition.

St. Clair County Jail keeps an inmate’s commissary. Every unit has a specific commissary day. A&B pods are Tuesday, C&DPods-Wednesday and E&FPods-Thursday. G pod is Friday. The commissary will issue order forms. Blank order sheets are available from the corrections officers and must be signed. A PERIOD OF ONE ORDER MAY BE COMPLETED. The cost of the purchase is deducted from the inmates trust accounts. Corrections officers should receive commissary orders no later than 7:00 AM the day before commissary in that unit.

The classification officer will draw trustees from inmates who have been sentenced. They must work primarily in the foodservice area or have custodial duties. You cannot be considered a security threat or have a history involving violent behavior or drug addiction to qualify. Any violation of the St. Clair County Jail Rule will result in your trustee status being removed.

Each inmate will be provided personal clothing. These can be brought in from the inmate’s friends or relatives or taken in by them for court appearances. You must adhere to the inmate rules. Inmate clothing must be worn to court appearances. After the inmate has been arraigned, clothing including underwear and socks will be issued. Inmates will be restricted from wearing any other clothing in the jail’s living areas. St. Clair County Intervention and Detention Center won’t be responsible if clothing or personal items are left at IDC after inmate discharges or transfers.

Children below 17 years old must be accompanied or legal guardian by a parent. To visit the child, they will need to bring a birth certificate. Visitors must bring identification with a photograph except for children accompanied only by an adult. St. Clair County Jail personnel will require visitors to adhere to all security regulations. All visitors are subjected to a search after their visits.

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