demand for travel blankets has increased

Tucker Travel Cover’s 100 percent cotton flannel covers are warm and durable. The cover also features four-way Lycra panels that allow it to be stretched and adjusted to your needs. It is designed to be ergonomic. A deep hood protects your privacy. An elastic internal pouch wraps your arms. Flaps at each leg let you secure the fabric underneath you. Stretchy shoulders keep the blanket under your body.

You can also get a removable neck pillow. Two pockets on the chest hold phones and other essentials in reach. What you don’t get? Traditional blanket you can use even if you’re not seated. Forestfish’s fleece throw blanket is stylish and easy to use. There are four options, including plaid, floral, and geometric patterns. The 60 x 40 inch blanket is lightweight at 0.68 lbs, making it ideal for any environment, including Best travel blankets the car. It is made from 100 percent polyester. This blanket makes an excellent gift, as it comes with a drawstring pouch (that is anti-dust and waterproof).

Travelers who are not familiar with cashmere could be shocked to see the Sleepy Aero Travel Set for Sofia Cashmere’s price. There are good reasons to pay a high cost for high-quality products, as the loyalists will attest. For more than 60 years, this brand has been crafting some of industry’s finest cashmere. The brand sources its materials from Mongolia and China. This makes blankets and other wearables of the softest touch possible and resists piling.

The Rumpl Travel Blanket is 100 percent made from recycled polyester shells and NanoLoft insulation. It provides warmth and comfort without sacrificing any of the down-like qualities. The DWR finish on the shell material has been used to repel stains and water. A Cape Clip allows you to use your blanket hands-free. Simply attach twin straps once you have wrapped your blanket around your shoulders.

You should first consider how you plan to use the travel blanket. Blankets made of microfleece and other proprietary materials such Coolmax will provide warmth. Cashmere or Merino wool will make you feel even warmer. For groundcover, you should look for travel blankets made of waterproof or water-resistant materials.

You should also consider your size. The blankets in this guide are good for solo adventures. But if you intend to share your beach trip with others, or while out on a picnic, look for larger blankets. Look for blankets that measure 80 inches in length or width for two people.

There are many great accessories, such as clips or snaps that allow the blanket to be worn like a scarf. Other stuff sacks come with straps and handles so they can be attached to your luggage instead of taking up space in your bag or backpack. Some blankets even have neck pillows and hoods.

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