Best Motherboards for Ryzen Processors 2020 Buying Guide

Best Motherboards for Ryzen Processors 2020 Buying Guide

With the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors, the Navi cards as well as NVIDIA’s RTX Super line up, you may be trying to develop a brand new PC. While selecting the proper motherboard for the unique AMD powered build, the following are a few things to help keep in mind:

  • The most significant characteristic with regards to a motherboard is its VRM. It’s much like a power cord for the motherboard of yours. But why is it important? A low-priced VRM is able to result in uncommon method crashes, instability, and also cause harm to your CPU. It is generally a wise decision to acquire a motherboard with increased selection of chokes as well as solid state capacitors, particularly for overclocking. While the Ryzen 3000 processors are incredibly power effective, staying on the safer side will not hurt.
  • Keep in your mind that PCIe 4.0 is just supported on X570 boards. Although it is not a must have for a gaming build, an X570 board is going to have the very best upgradability and prolonged support.
  • The B450 boards are going to suffice most budget to mid range builds.
  • One last thing: mind speeds north of 3600MHz will not make a lot of a positive change of gaming. Therefore in case you’ve the possibility between a board which supports 4666MHz speeds and one with WiFi along with a much better VRM, constantly go for the latter.

Best Motherboards for Ryzen Processors

Allow me to share the suggestions of ours for a motherboard for the unique Ryzen processors:


Recommended best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600 & 3600X CPUs. two x USB 3.1 Gen1, six x USB 2.0. 1x Turbo M.2: Running for PCI E Gen3 x4. four x SATA 6Gb/s ports. Supports up to 32GB DDR4 Memory, 2x DIMMs up to 3466 (OC) MHz. one x PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, two x PCIe 2.0 x1 slots. Supports 1st, 3rd and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors for Socket AM4. Form Factor: m ATX. four x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type A (back panel). Price: Rs. 5,585 (Link)

In case you’re purchasing a 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen processor, then this’s the minimum recommended motherboard to allow your brand new chip to work with no bottlenecks. With support for upto 32B of DDR4 mind 3466MHz, it comes with ample expansion slots and SATA ports to meet all the storage demands of yours and then some.

MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max? Mid range Motherboards for 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen seven CPUs

In case you’re on a low cost but do not care about springing for a somewhat costly, motherboard, then the B450 Gaming Plus Max from MSI is the perfect board. It comes without the bells as well as whistles of top mobos like Unnecessary chipset fans and rgb, but packs all of the important attributes you will actually want in a build.

MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (Wi-Fi)

The MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro is actually the fancier variation of the Max. It gets an extra M.2 slot and naturally some massage table RGB lighting, though the mind takes a hit. The memory assistance tops out at 3466MHz. Although, this must be good for all of the Matisse chips, we would suggest not purchasing this board in case you are continuing withusing the Ryzen nine 3900X.


In case you going with a Ryzen seven 3800X or even a 3900X, then I would recommend purchasing an X470 motherboard when the newer x570 platform is simply too expensive for you. With superior overclocking abilities and almost the exact same characteristic set as the successor of its, the ASUS X470 Prime is actually a lovely board. The one thing you are missing out on here’s the PCIe four standard, but do not care it will be some time before it gets related.

If you would like the very best motherboard for the unique Ryzen chip of yours, then the ASRock X570 Taichi is actually the one you ought to opt for. Everything relating to this board screams premium quality. The RGB lighting, the overclocking abilities, the VRM, heatsink,?and?even the box are actually drop dead gorgeous. It has a whopping eleven USB 3.2 ports, three M.3 slots as well as 3 (not two) PCIe 4.0 x16 slots. You are able to run mind as fast as 4666MHz on this particular rii (even though the suggested maximum suggested is actually 3733MHz), and so go as well as find. All of this can cost you a pretty penny. The ASRock x570 Taichi costs about 30K INR but may be worth every dollar.

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